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Two-day Brenda Murphy workshop at Bosque Art Center starts Feb. 8

CLIFTON - Use this opportunity to take your pencil and graphite drawing to the next level.

Brenda Murphy, known for her highly realistic and sensitively rendered “pencil paintings,” is conducting a two-day workshop at the Bosque Arts Center starting Feb. 8. The Creating Pencil Paintings workshop will focus on the techniques she uses to create realistic finished drawings.


Brenda Murphy is conducting a two-day "Creating Pencil Paintings" workshop at the Bosque Arts Center starting Feb. 8.

Sponsored by the BAC Art Council, Murphy will conduct a demo and discuss composition, light, edges, value, and the importance of good contrast in graphite drawings. Her love for the West is evident in her drawings of horses, Native Americans, cowboys and ranch life.

Born and raised in Texas, Brenda fosters a close relationship with her models that provide inspiration, resources, and a valued critical eye to insure authenticity in her work.

“Light, texture and composition are the foundations of my art,” Murphy’s website states. ”My love of the West is a never-ending source of inspiration to me. It is gratifying when I am able to represent my subject with beauty, accuracy and authenticity.”

Students will be supplied photo reference and a variety of started drawings to choose from which they will then work directly on. The primary emphasis will be on textures, layering, and how to achieve depth with graphite. The drawing process will be dealt with on a lesser degree and more emphasis put on technique.

Brenda has received numerous awards for her artwork including the 2003 Patron’s Purchase Award at the Bosque Art Classic. She has been featured in major publications such as Art of the West, Southwest Art and Western Horseman magazines.

The workshop costs $200. The workshop brochure and a supply list can be found on the Bosque Arts Center website at: https://www.bosqueartscenter.org/. You can also register on the website, and the cost for the two-day workshop will be $200.

For more information, call 254-675-3387 or 254-386-6248, for additional details, email: saranne.penberthy@gmail.com, or check out the BAC Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BosqueArtsCenter/

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