The show must go on

Rehearsals for Tin Building Theater play Bad Medicine continue using Zoom app; opening night postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19

CLIFTON – The show must go on, we just don’t know when...

As the Bosque Arts Center’s Tin Building Theatre monitored the situation regarding the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the theatre group continued rehearsals for the upcoming production of Bad Medicine by Michael Tennant in preparation to open May 2 with a dinner performance.


On April 2, the TBT theater group announced they were postponing the performance run due to the current state of affairs regarding the pandemic, possibly opening in October.

“We are hoping we can still perform in May, but we will have to keep you posted,” Play Director Lorana Rush said. “We may still release ticket sales, but of course we will honor those tickets no matter when our performances take place. Thank you for your patience during these trying times. We will all need a night of laughter by that time.”

The troupe had made some high-tech adjustments to adhere to social distancing – they are preparing lines through the Zoom app, which allows groups to communicate in a video/audio conference call with screen share capabilities. Actor Kenny Bosher came up with the appropriate hashtags #alonetogether and #TheShowMustGoOn to go with their cutting edge rehearsal option.

“The irony of a play about a hypochondriac recluse who never leaves his apartment has not escaped us though,” said Rush, a veteran TBT actress moving into the director’s chair. “And the hilarious play is a wonderful respite that keeps us laughing nonstop.”

02-tbt zoom_web

Screen shot of the Bosque Arts Center's Tin Building Theater actors using the Zoom app to do a line reading together in these times of COVID-19 social distancing.

Joining Rush behind the scenes, veteran TBT actress Linda Lowrance serves as assistant director in guiding their actors through stage positions, comedic timing, line delivery and everything else involved in getting the play ready for opening night – whenever that might end up being.

Bob Fuller tackles the role of Ackley Hornsby, a brilliant novelist writing under the pen name, Brenton Love. A germaphobe, a hopeless hypochondriac and a loveable, vulnerable recluse, Ackley refuses to leave his apartment. And even so, he is afraid of getting into contact with toxic air and waste.


The Tin Building Theater Troupe bringing Michael Tennant’s Bad Medicine to the stage: Director Lorana Rush, Assistant Director Linda Lowrance, Michael Richardson (back); Kenny Bosher, Connie Terry, Bob Fuller (front) and Deb Phinney (not pictured).

His doctor Julia, played by Connie Terry, tailor-makes natural medicines and remedies for Hornsby’s endless ailments, and is paid handsomely for her daily visits. His publisher Steve Bosnich, played by Kenny Bosher, is concerned about making deadlines and more money with the release of Hornsby’s highly anticipated newest work attacking big business pharmaceutical companies.

With Hornsby struggling to keep his identity a secret and to protect his greatest work, a mysterious, cunning temptress Gloria – played by Deb Phinney – resurfaces from his past.

Actor/writer/director/producer Tennant’s written works primarily include educational musicals, based on historical figures. He is owner of Play With Your Food in Southern California, a dinner theater where fine dining meet outrageous comedy.

For more information, contact the Bosque Arts Center at 254-675-3724. Tickets can be purchased through the BAC website at: Follow the troupe on


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