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Goodall-Witcher Fitness & Wellness Center's Zumba instructor keeps her class moving online during the COVID-19 social distancing

CLIFTON – Zumba provides an upbeat, Latin-dance inspired fitness workout, which blends cardio and muscle toning. Students need nothing more than comfortable clothes and pair of sneakers…oh, and of course, an enthusiastic instructor.

During this novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, that’s easier said than done. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ashley Green

Goodall-Witcher Fitness & Wellness Center’s certified Zumba instructor Ashley Green-Holleman offers online Zumba classes through Facebook Live during COVID-19 social distancing.

For anyone who knows Goodall-Witcher Fitness & Wellness Center’s Zumba instructor Ashley Green-Holleman, they have become familiar with her energetic, extremely happy “Good morning, good morning ladies!” And even with the COVID-19 social distancing in place, she’s still delivering her greeting three days a week…by virtue of virtual.

Ashley was missing her workouts and her Zumba ladies. No offense to gentlemen, but Zumba classes are mainly populated by ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes.

After getting some requests, Ashley decided she wanted everyone to remain in shape through the pandemic for when the fitness center opens back up to the public. So the  certified instructor started streaming her Zumba classes through Facebook Live.

Ashley offers the lessons at the same times she would otherwise be at the gym – Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8 a.m. for those wanting to follow the class live. But the great thing is, if those times are not convenient, Zumba-aficionados can play back the class at any alternative time.

There are always different changing routines – just last Friday Ashley introduced some new music and dance moves with Round2Crew’s Booty Had Me Like, Camila Cabello’s My Oh My and Pussycat Dolls’ When I Grow Up..

“Nothing hard – just different stuff, and fun songs” she said of the new routines.

Her music is a mix of Latin music and pop songs and the Zumba ladies all have their favorites from Bailando, Dance, Tiptoe to Despacito, Worth It and Chunky.

It usually takes about three lessons to get the hang of a new routine. There are no “wrong” moves, the goal is just to keep moving and with that said, all moves can be adapted to someone’s own fitness level.

Let’s face it, sitting on a spin bicycle or lifting weights all the time is boring. But with the regular changes, Zumba class with vivacious, dynamic Ashley is never boring.


Goodall-Witcher Fitness & Wellness Center’s certified Zumba instructor Ashley Green-Holleman offers online Zumba classes through Facebook Live during COVID-19 social distancing.

Ashley herself got into Zumba during a four-year weight loss journey, going from 225 to her 128 pounds today.

“I know how hard it can be to stay motivated,” Ashley said. “And I am so appreciative of all the support. It has been wonderful.”

Ashley offers all this without any financial compensation.

“I’m doing it for you guys, my Zumba ladies,” Ashley said. Her class is often her motivation to get up smiling and ready to go, as she knows her students depend on her lessons to stay fit.

Besides her fitness classes, and her husband’s job, Ashley does not receive any income at this time, so donations to her Venmo account @ashleygreen08 are welcome and much appreciated.

When she is not working out, giving private training lessons or helping her 12-year-old daughter with her school work, Ashley is studying Kinesiology and Nutrition at Texas Tech, hoping to fast-track graduate in August 2021.

Last Friday also showed a scenery change – Ashley at the Clifton track this time instead of her kitchen, with the dogs butting in every now and then. She finds the location change invigorating, and she transports that energy to her class. So, look forward to other locations.

Thanks to Ashley’s always positive encouragement, even on line, you will find yourself pushing just a little bit harder. Ashley is gonna make you sweat, she is gonna make you move to the groove, and keep encouraging you to drink enough fluids. And to stretch after class.

Before you know it, Ashley will have guided you through an hour of intensive, non-stop movements with the end goal of burning off a serious amount of calories, releasing those “feel-good” endorphins.


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