Spectacular table setting talents

Bosque Arts Center's Tablescapes serves the art and skill of settings

CLIFTON - A beautifully decked table – themed-out or with family heirloom items, the appropriate table cloth, flatware, dinner ware and glass ware – adds panache to an evening of entertaining guests, friends and family.

The Bosque Arts Center’s Tablescapes brings the art and skill of table setting to a whole different level. Following the opening reception of this unique Bosque Arts Center fundraiser Nov. 14, the Tin Building Theatre was filled to the brim with tables with extensive, creative table settings on display before closing Saturday

Every place one looked, visitors were wowed with another unique table to admire. It quickly became clear the event had the participants’ creative juices flowing, conjuring up some spectacular settings.

Since its inception, Tablescapes event organizer Jan Kieta has been the ringleader and motivator on all fronts – the tables on display and food and beverages for the opening reception. The public enjoyed taking in tablescapes ranging from exquisite, elegant, vintage, drop-dead gorgeous, opulent, smart, humorous, poetic to just plain adorable.

Return visitors might remember Emily (now Miller) Neal’s An Affair to Remember and Howling at the Moon, a continuing love story.

The first year started with “An arranged lunch date ended with her suggesting ice cream and him suggesting drinks at his club….” Last year the two lovers were, on a beach somewhere after a shellfish dinner, with some wine and beer. “Life was good. No, life was great. In fact they didn’t think it could get much better, but then…..To be continued next year.”

What twist will next year bring? That alone will be worth a visit.


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