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29th Annual Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale registration opens Feb. 1

BOSQUE COUNTY - As one of Bosque County's time-honored traditions registration for the 29th Annual Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale weekend in April opens Feb. 1.

With hundreds of families, friends and businesses participating in selling off their unwanted items, the Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale remains a fun, annual event for the communities in Bosque County, and anyone is welcome to participate April 3-4.

Registration forms can be picked up at any city hall or chamber office across the county. Registration forms will also be available online at the Valley Mills Chamber of Commerce website:

The registration fee of $10 covers getting your sale published in the official Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale printed publication, which will be available across the county, as well as being listed online. Beginning the weekend of April 3-4, you can post your garage sale location and photos of your items for sale.

There will also be a Facebook page dedicated to the garage sale. So, if you are a shopper, you can use this group to find great deals all over Bosque County.

For more information, visit Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale Weekend Facebook page at:


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