Celebrating the Lone Star State

First in a series of Bosque County celebrating Texas Independence Feb. 28-March 8

Festivities begin with lecture on Early Railroads of Bosque County

WALNUT SPRINGS - In a week filled with activities, several Bosque County organizations and schools focus their attention on Texas Independence with events scheduled on Feb. 28 – March 8 this year.

The Walnut Springs Historical Association is bringing featured speaker Artie Dunlap to deliver a presentation on “Early Railroads of Bosque County” on Friday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Annex Building. Dunlap is a former employee of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT), Union Pacific & Fort Worth Western Railroads.

The Annex Building is located directly behind the Walnut Springs Museum at 193 Avenue A.



Railroad workers pose for group photography at Round House in Walnut Springs; Charles Buckingham Collection (above). William A. Bettis holding oil can in front of Texas Central Locomotive 104 in Walnut Springs; photo by M. E. Hughes (top).

In 1881, the Texas Central and the Santa Fe railroads came to the Central Texas area, and several towns began to thrive. The number of manufacturing establishments increased from 11 in 1880 to 85 in 1900.

Railroads in Bosque County were the biggest contributing factor in the growth of towns like Morgan and Walnut Springs. Meridian, Clifton and Valley Mills all had stations.



Round House in Walnut Springs; Charles Buckingham Collection. Photograph believed to be taken at the same time as the above photo as the group of workers can be seen posing in in the distance, giving a wide view of the Round House.

Sponsors for Celebrate Texas during Texas Independence Week are First Security State Bank, the Bosque Museum, the Bosque County Collection, the Walnut Springs Historical Association and the Bosque Valley Heritage Society. Their combined purpose since 2008 is to bring people together throughout the county to honor the State of Texas, its heritage and the forefathers. It is important to them to supply information, especially to young people; to make them aware of their heritage and history.

“Naturally we encourage you to relate (share) family trials and tribulations encountered by your grandparents or great-grandparents, as well as treasured family documents,” Bosque Celebrates Texas Chair Rodney Joy said. “We want to know what you know so we can learn more about Bosque County.  By doing this, we will have more memories and greater admiration for our early settlers.

"We think this straightforward approach to our history will help us grow in knowledge and fill in the gaps not known before. Perhaps we can focus on our history for many years to come by coming together and talking about this information. Please join us in this celebration.”

Photos courtesy of BOSQUE COLLECTION


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