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Long May He Run: Texas Troubadour Series presents T. Graham Brown on the Bosque Arts Center's Tin Building Theatre stage Sept. 18 featuring beloved Country music hits

CLIFTON – Not many music artists can boast a career spanning nearly 50 years, eight top 10 hits and three number one singles. Even though his singing style has changed over the years, T. Graham Brown remains a soulful Country music singer’s singer that loves being on the road and performing for his loyal fans.

Bosque Arts Center welcomes T Graham Brown to the Tin Building Theatre stage Sept. 18 as a part of the very successful Troubadour Concert Series, featuring many country music veterans bringing their beloved hits and love for music to their audiences. Georgia-native Brown, active in the music scene since 1973, will be bringing his unique style of Country Music – a melting pot of country, soul, rock ’n’ roll and some gospel to round it off.

Tickets remain available for this special night of Country music to celebrate the sound of song back to the BAC with this Texas Troubadour concert. Sponsor seats at tables sell for $125 ($1000 for a table of 8), while reserved seats at tables are available for $75 and $50. General admission seating is $25.

“No other genre of music that I know of has quite the loyal fans that country does.” Brown said in a recent interview with Deborah Evans Price for Sounds like Nashville. “And as long as I’m singing good and doing shows, I’ll never stop doing what I love.”

And for Brown, it’s all about a career that he enjoys. He’s set foot on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage many times, still tours regularly and appears in television broadcasts like Larry's Country Diner and Country's Family Reunion.

“I’ve got a band and a bus, and I’ll keep taking the music to the people as long as God lets me,” Brown said.

Brown’s initial entry to Country Radio was the sad and soulful “Drowning In Memories, ” the Top 40 single that helped to establish his career. And by the winter of 1986, Brown had warmed up to audiences with the bluesy hit “I Tell It Like It Used To Be.” Other hits like “Hell And High Water,” “I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again” and “Don’t Go To Strangers” followed.

T. Graham Brown performs "I Tell It Like It Used To Be," written by Bucky Jones, Michael Garvin & Ron Hellard

Before becoming a chart-topper, Brown’s music evolved from the Carolina Beach Sound to straight up Country with Reo Diamond then to soul with Rack of Spam/Hard Tops before he was signed to Capitol.

In that time, Brown toured over 300 days a year and opened for Kenny Rogers. And even though he himself hates advertising, Brown’s warm, signature voice could be heard in commercials of international brands such as Taco Bell, 7Up, Dr. Pepper, McDonalds and Burger King.

As his career progressed, Brown was able to add more soul influences and even gospel to his songs. In 1998, he released “Wine Into Water” about his battles with alcohol addiction. This song introduced his music to Christian audiences. This iconic song has been recorded by over a hundred artists, including Loretta Lynn. His Gospel inspired album, “Forever Changed” received a Grammy nomination.

T. Graham Brown performs "Wine into Water," written by Bruce Burch, T. Graham Brown & Ted Hewitt

Since 2019, Brown can be heard as a SiriusXM Prime Country, Channel 58 host for his radio show Live Wire. In 2020, Brown has signed a new deal with Time Life/Warner Music Group to release multiple catalog albums as well as a new acoustic hits album. Staying with the times, he does livestream shows for fans and just launched his own YouTube channel.

There was a time that the only place you could buy one of Brown’s CDs was online or after a show when he’s signing autographs. But just recently, Brown cut a deal with Time Life to release four of his previous hit albums digitally.

“I’m having more fun out there now than I ever have had,” Graham states on his website “I’m not out there chasing the hits. I’m just trying to stay out there. We’re planning on doing another Gospel record later this year. I’m doing some acting, which I am enjoying. I’m no great actor, but as long as they keep calling me, I’ll keep doing it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Brown has been called a “singer’s singer” with a warm voice that’s a cross between classic country and rock and roll. Think Kenny Rogers, Leon Russell, David Allan Coe and George Jones – all singer/songwriters Brown much admires – brought together in one man. That and his unique genre of Country Music-has made him one of the beloved and iconic country music performers of our time. So come hell or high water, long may he run.

The Bosque Arts Center is located at 215 S. College Hill Drive, Clifton. For more information, contact the BAC at (254) 675-3724, or visit its website www.bosqueartscenter.org/.

T. Graham Brown performs his #1 hit "Hell and High Water," written by Alex Harvey & T. Graham Brown

Photos courtesy of DEB WALLACE & the BOSQUE ARTS CENTER

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