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Synonymous with outstanding original representational art, the 36th Annual Bosque Art Classic opens Sept. 11 with juried & judged art show & sale

CLIFTON – The titles of the works alone are bound to speak to the imagination – “Building their Brand,” “A Touch of Watercolor,” “Top Hand,” “Rain Delay,” “Lost in Thought,” “Coolin’ off,” “Someone didn’t get the Memo,” “Running from Trouble,” “Be Home Soon,” and “Against all Odds,” to name a few. Those names linger as the visitors to the Bosque Art Center view the sweeping landscape in an oil painting, or the delicate details of a bird’s feather in a drawing or the mastery of the sculptor that transforms an everyday object into art.

In the coming weeks, the marvelous art mastery with these illustrative names – part of the 36th Annual Bosque Art Classic  – will be on display for all to admire. The annual juried and judged Bosque Art Classic art show and sale has become synonymous with outstanding original art – especially western art – and is open to all artists who create realistic and representational art.

Over the years, the nationally recognized show has grown and thrived thanks to the dedication of art patrons supporting the work of talented artists. And also thanks to the never-abating enthusiasm and dedication of the Bosque Arts Center Art Council. The BAC has hosted the annual art show and sale since its founder, Joan Spieler launched the show and sale in 1986.

Summertime is the time of waiting for the artists who entered their digital files in contest by the end of May. This year over 600 entries were submitted to the Art Classic. Like in previous years, the images are reviewed by the judge and an Art Council jury panel; de judge has the expert eye for catching true art and skill, the panel adds another level of emotional connection to the different pieces presented. By mid-July the artists knew whether their artwork was selected for the final judging.

This year, Cowboy Artists of America Tyler Crow served as judge for show. Growing up between the farmland and foothills of Apache, Oklahoma, Crow discovered his calling in art and over time developed his unique style, capturing a lifestyle he loves, painting and drawing cowboys, their horses and their livestock. Like his fellow Cowboy Artists of America, Crow commits his artistic career to preserving the western way of life and the contemporary cowboys who live it every day.

“I feel blessed to do something I love, and to paint the American cowboy.” Crow said, explaining his passion for his pursuits.

He also continues a lifelong commitment to grow and improve in his artwork. Crow will be the first to acknowledge the discovery and honing of his craft are credited to a long list of people  who took an interest in his artistic talent and subsequent career as a young adult; not the least if which is the “Good Lord Himself.” He specifically credits his fellow CA artists Martin Grelle and Bruce Greene as his formal art education.

In 2016 at the age of 27, Crow became the youngest artist to ever be inducted into the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America group, where he’s already received awards and accolades. He now lives in Hico with his wife and son.

Crow juried in 184 pieces of art by 110 artists from 24 states. Many of the selected pieces are from artists that have entered the BAC Art Classic before.

“I like the quality of art that gets selected in this nationally recognized show,” Bosque County artist Lloyd Voges said explaining why he enters pieces for the show. “It is a very well done show, and well put together. I would say it is up there with the top 25 shows in the country.”

Even though Voges has regularly been selected over the past 10 years, because of the prestige of the show, it is still a nerve-racking time waiting to hear if he was selected. This year, he submitted five pieces, two of which were selected in the largest category – oil/acrylic with 126 pieces on show.

The show and sale kicks off with an opening night awards ceremony, sale and dinner on Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $50 and must be purchased in advance. Visit or call 254.675.3724. All sales opening night are tax-free.

The show will be on display free to the public beginning Sunday, Sept. 12, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Weekday hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m., while Saturdays Sept. 18 and 25 the exhibit runs 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The judged pieces of original art in the categories oil/acrylic, drawing, pastel, water media, and sculpture, can also be viewed in the online gallery at Visit the website for more details.

Prior to the awards ceremony, art patrons have the opportunity to meet the artists and talk to them about their works during a reception in the Roland Jones Memorial Gallery where the selected pieces are on display. The reception is an informal way for art patrons to meet the artists, finding out their inspiration for the selected piece, getting to know them better. And artists have opportunity to talk to admirers of their work and speak with fellow artists.

The Roland Jones Memorial Gallery normally houses the permanent collection of the Bosque Arts Center. A gathering of beautiful representational artwork from the past decades, with a collection of nationally renowned artists as well as artists coming into their own are represented in the collection, which grows each year with purchases from the Bosque Art Classic show and sale.

Joyce Jones and her husband Roland provide the coveted John Stevens Jones Purchase award in memory of their son. It is the most prestigious award of the show. Winners of the John Steven Jones Award and the $1,000 Art Patrons Purchase Award are also awarded a place in the BAC’s permanent collection, adding to the already impressive Roland Jones gallery.

Past winners of the John Steven Jones Purchase Award include Joe Babieri, Cheryl Harley-Volz, Kathy Tate, Herman Walker, Randy Meador, Matt Atkinson, Jim House, Mikel Donahue, William Schneider, Jeff Segler, Don Weller, Romel de la Torre and Xiang Zhang.

In addition to receiving the acclaim of art patrons and fellow artists, winning a coveted award at the Bosque Art Classic also comes with cash rewards, offering over $15,500 in prizes is awarded. And additionally, winning an award increases the chances of the art being sold right after the awards.

The first and second places in each category are awarded in each medium. There is also the Boren-Selvidge Award ($1,000), sponsored by the family of the late James Boren, CA and one of the “Bosque Seven and the New Entrant Award.

Preview the Bosque Arts Center Art Classic art at The list of 110 artists with 184 works in the various media accepted into the 2021 Bosque Arts Center’s Art Classic includes many known names, but also some newcomers. The list includes area artists, Texas artists and artists from beyond Texas borders offering a diversity of works ranging from delicate and colorful cactus blooms, ranch life wrangles, glorious nature and its inhabitants, stunning landscapes and gaze-gripping portraits.


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