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Bosque County Spay & Neuter’s first annual Fort Frazier Fandango fundraiser deemed huge success, Linn & Olsen recognized for humanitarian efforts

CLIFTON – It seems that every day new distressing stories of stray animals on shelter kill lists, starving abandoned dogs and cats, cases of animal cruelty and animals found roaming flood Facebook. Instead of letting the animal overpopulation status quo exist, the non-profit Bosque County Spay and Neuter organization actively and relentlessly tackles the problems head on.

They provide invaluable services to the county, not to mention the untold dogs and cats which now have more loving and productive lives through its efforts and those who support it.

The BCSN held its first Fort Frazier Fandango fundraiser on the Frazier beautiful ranch between Clifton and Cranfills Gap Saturday, Sept. 25. Some 150 guests attended the outdoor fundraiser, which included raffles as well as both silent and live auctions to benefit the mission in general, and specifically, the purchase of a new transport van.

The van is essential to BCSN’s low cost spay neuter services operation. The organization transports dogs and cats three days a week to the Waco Animal Birth Control Clinic. The present BCSN transport van put some 240,000 miles on the clock in less than five years. The Fandango raised enough money for BCSN to pay off the loan the present van and purchase a new one.

"We're so grateful the community came together for BCSN and helped us pay off the loan on our new van,” BCSN Executive Director Carol Linn said. “Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable service that will meet the needs of Bosque County pet owners for years to come."

Linn informed the guests that during the six years of its existence BSCN transported more than 4,300 dogs and cats for spay and neuter surgeries and 3,600 dogs and cats to rescue partners and loving homes. Area organizations Brazos River Rescue and Waco’s Petsmart are important rescue and adoption partners.

BCSN President Karen Cornett and Vice-President Susan Frazier served as Fandango co-chairs and welcomed guests. Cornett praised Linn’s endless dedication BCSN’s success of BCSN and presented her with a special gift on behalf of the organization.

Volunteer Libby Olsen who offers a foster home, fields calls and helps with transport to and from the Waco clinic was also specifically recognized for her excellent customer service skills, and that she is always ready to help. Olsen has fostered 20 dogs in the past year and more than 30 cats.

Goodall-Witcher Healthcare CEO and President Adam Willmann entertained the crowd and kept the action lively during the live auction as emcee. Live auction items included a hand-crafting corn hole game board, a private plane tour four three of Bosque County highlights, antique French carousel panels, a Fajita Fiesta for 16 women, an Artist’s Proof of “Tres Generaciones” by George Hallmark, a Family Safari and dinner for eight at Texas Safari Ranch, and a “Big Bottle Bucket” of top shelf liquor.

BCSN supporters enjoyed wine and beer tasting, tours of the five homes on Fort Frazier Ranch, live music from The Bosque Gents, and a delicious dinner catered by Johnny's Place and Corner Drug Café.

Every unwanted litter of puppies or kittens born contributes to the overwhelming statistics of animal overpopulation. With that, BCSN’s activities started with curbing feral cat populations in Clifton’s down town, and soon their trap-neuter and release activities expanded to the entire county.

Their TNR program worked full force this spring with a number of challenging situations. A large colony of cats was abandoned when their owner died. Volunteers fed the cats so they could be trapped, spayed and neutered and moved to a new safe location. Calls about new litters of kittens resulted in more than 40 kittens requiring foster care until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered and adopted.

Prevention – spaying or neutering pets – is the best way to help curb the problem of pet overpopulation. Knowing that the expense of the procedure might be prohibitive for some families, the BCSN offers low cost spay and neuter services, helping more than 1,200 families access to affordable spay/neuter services.

The volunteers also started fostering stray dogs, preparing them for transport to more populated areas, where there is a shortage of adoption animals. Since January 2021, 174 puppies and 86 dogs have found new homes in Colorado, Minnesota, Connecticut and New York, and 205 cats and kittens are now in loving homes.

Another transport with 28 dogs to Colorado is in the works for this week. A collaboration with another agency, transports dogs and cats all the way to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Virginia and New York.

All these services cost money, and sponsors are much appreciated to help cover the costs. Dog sponsors are $50 and puppies $25. This covers the cost of health certificates and vaccines. Donations are possible through paypal.me/bcspayneuter or https://www.facebook.com/BosqueCountySpayNeuter.

SIMONE WICHERS-VOSS contributed to this article.


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