Going To The Doggos

Join the HAPP BARK Pack: Get your tickets to the Bosque Animal Rescue Shelter’s Wild West themed Gala March 5 at the Market At The Mill in Clifton

CLIFTON – Well, hello everybody. ChisholmCountry.com is on location at the Bosque Animal Rescue Shelter just South of Clifton, Texas were a couple of the canine tenants, Yeller and Cece, are all excited about an upcoming fundraising event for the dog shelter, the Wild West style BARK Gala March 5 at the Market at the Mill.

Coming as no surprise, Yeller and Cece have a lot to say about the upcoming event. For those not familiar with the TikTok doggolingo, just read it out loud to yourself, and it will make sense.

We got together to bork it from the woof-tops – doggos to hoomans! Leave it to us to roundup cowgirls, cowboys and cow dogs to the paw-tay next Saturday. Do us a HAPP and join the HAPP BARK pack for a ulti-mutt, pawsome, zoomie fun time, fur sure. The fun starts at 6 p.m. for Yappy Hour, Silent Auction and Raffle, drinks, appetizers and live music. Dinner will be served at 7:45 p.m., followed by a Live Auction and decadent deserts.

Ya can get a whole table for da eats and deeelicious treats, or if ya can’t come ya can still give us some monies for our puperoni treats an dogter bills. Or stuff for the silent or live auction – whateva the fluff dat is. But we sniffed it out, and it’s all grrrreat-o.

Do us a solid - click this link to register, donate, or underwrite: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTQxMjg0

We are b-side owseffs – last year’s pawty and monies allowed BARK to find luvin’ furever homes for 108 of our a-dog-able buddies!! Woof-hoo!

The HAPP BARK pack is now 25 heckin’ cute dogs dat come from da tuff, ruff life. Total sads. Makes us pupset.

‘Cos alls we needs is a roof, water and yummy foods, and snaccs, lotsa snacks we can cronch with our teef. Or bacon snaccs. We luv da bacon snaccs.

Now at the shelter us puppers gits lotsa good-o luvin’ and care from paws-itive Jenny, Aryn and a whole pack of helper hoomans. We git chiner and belly scritches, lotsa treats and play time with buddies. Woof yea! Pupplause to dem.

All da doggos luvin’ BARK but in da end we alls wanna grrreat-o furever family of our own. So on da website we all smilin’ ‘cos of the purrfect care by daBARKhoomans.But check out some of dees a-dog-able woofers on the website.

Yeller’s hansome doggo frenn Banjo, Da Boss Yeller, cutie-pie Juno, real cow dog Willow, big woofer Rip, and of course major floofer Cece. If you are interested in Banjo, Yeller or any of da other precious pups, go to da website: https://www.barkrescue.org/meet-the-dogs.html

A while back, da buddy woofer Toba chose hooman Richard for his furever home.

"They say you save a animal's life when you adopt from a rescue,” Richard said. “Little do you know, they end up rescuing you."

We boop ya snoot, Richard. Our fren Toba was here a long time and needed a luvin’ hooman like you.

An, what a paw-esome ending for da Ebony. Her heckin’ hooman dumped her an sweet fren Ivory. Wat da fluff. Dey were out just trying to stay alive. Total sads. Now dees lady pups have great-o furever homes.

Another boop ya snoot for da lady hooman takin’ Mocha to her furever home in sunny California.

Yeller and Cece also woof pupreciation to som a-dog-able frens: Doggie Drop Inn, Clifton Veterinary, Bosque County Veterinary Clinic, Tremillo Computer and Applianance, Black Oak Plumbing, Round Tree, Amerigas, Texas New Mexico Power, 33 Construction, Rattlesnake Ballroom. Dey always help BARK.

And we bow-wow out with some heckin’ funny talkin’ – hopin’ y’alls join the HAPP Bark pack at the paw-ty!

  • Why did the dog hang out at the hospital? He was waiting for his lab report.
  • Why did the dog wear rain boots? He didn’t want to step in a poodle. 
  • Why did the mice and squirrels stay inside? It was raining cats and dogs. 
  • Why did the dog get ejected from the game? He didn’t agree with the “ruff-eree.”
  •  What do you call a funny canine? A corn dog. 

Awoo! We’s a rollin’ in da dirt laughing!

Thanks for all of the love and support. We have a lot of people ask what do y’all need? What can we do to help? So we’ve made up a couple of Amazon lists of wants and needs for the puppers and woofers to help.

Photos courtesy of  BARK

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