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Just Believe: Fairy Tales on Ice brings spectacular ice skating entertainment to an audience of all ages at the Bosque Arts Center’s Tin Building Theater

CLIFTON – Everybody knows the Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast, where the lovely Belle melts the Beast’s heart and her true love breaks the evil Sorcerer Queen’s spell, transforming Beast into a handsome prince.

With that as the primary premise, the 2023 edition of Fairy Tales on Ice adds in a load of other beloved fairy tale characters like Cinderella and Prince Charming, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and many more.

The Village of Aurelia, the setting of the story, in and of itself stands out as magical enough. But on Saturday, the fairy tale characters effortlessly glided and spun across the ice laid out on the Tin Building Theater stage at the Bosque Arts Center. Who thought that was ever possible?

Ice Creative Entertainment performed their second show of the season at the Tin Building Theater, basically kicking off their 2023 season. Within two hours, the Tin Building Theater transformed into an ice rink for the skaters with special synthetic ice pieces – they look like supersized cutting boards. The breathtaking ice show with incredible sets, bedazzling costumes and enchanting effects delighted and excited the audience of all ages. In the audience, were quite a few princesses, complete with tiaras and tulle skirts in the audience, and dapper princes and pirates with blow up swords.

The amazing, quality family-friendly show combined the artistry of ice skating with live singing, magic, stunts, comedy and special effects. The cast of 10 skilled ice skaters from all over the world included former Cirque du Soleil performers, pro champion skaters and Broadway-caliber singers. Giving the illusion of a much larger cast, all the performers had double or triple roles to fulfil on stage.

Alongside an original award-winning recorded soundtrack, the simple but very effective props, amazing backdrops, remarkable lighting effects and at least 12 costume changes brought everything to life. And some interaction with the audience – singing along and doing the dance moves – engaged them even more.

The story line loosely followed the Beauty and the Beast story line set in the village of Aurelia, where Rose is bullied by her three mean step-sisters and decides to leave the village to make a life for herself. She finds herself in a dark and scary forest, finally to land in an enchanted garden that only allows access to those with a pure heart.

After apologizing to the garden’s owner, Beau the Beast, a castle ball is planned. Of course, the evil Sorcerer Queen Belladonna’s dastardly plan is uncovered, love’s true kiss is exchanged, and they all live happily ever after.

While a bit older than most of the princesses in the audience, Clifton High Schooler 11th grader Brianna Gonzalez loved the show. “We have never had an ice show in Clifton before,” Brianna said. “It’s definitely something different. The quick costume changes are cool.”

CHS 10th grader Nylah Goff accompanying Brianna was glad to see there were a lot of people at the show. She especially loved the catchy, fun music. Representing the younger crowd, third-grader Adrianna Crawford was in awe of it all – the snacks, the many costume changes and of course, Cinderella was her favorite.

The skaters’ thrilling jumps, spins, pair lifts and enthusiasm drew the audience further into the fantasy world they were creating. With all the speed, braids flying, skirts swirling and skates clacking on the synthetic ice, the performers kept the audience on the rim of their seats. It felt like they could come careening off the stage at any moment.

After Clifton’s two shows, the troupe continues touring coast to coast throughout the U.S.A. February through May, and then taking the show to Australia.


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