Requiem For Our Blues Brother

Memorial for beloved DW Blues Band guitarist Dennis Willingham on the anniversary of his passing planned for April 3

Much, much too soon, his signature blues guitar style and sound was silenced.

When Dennis Willingham passed away April 3, 2020 due to complication after a heart procedure, Central Texas lost an exceptional and unique blues guitarist. Never again would his Fender guitar sing with its owner’s smooth blues.

On the anniversary of his death, friends and family have planned a memorial for the DW Blues Band founder, and singer-songwriter. Those who love the man and his music are invited to celebrate his life and memory on Saturday April 3 at 5 p.m. at a beloved location for band – the Red Caboose Winery vineyard outside of Meridian.

Not that those who loved him will need props to celebrate a loving, compassionate man that genuinely loved people, and his blues, but Willingham’s Fender guitar and gray snake skin boots will be on display.

Read the Chisholm Country’s heartfelt tribute to Dennis Willingham upon his untimely death here:

Those attending the memorial will be able to hear Willingham’s unique, smooth, bluesy groove again through videos and CD’s will be available for sale.

Bring your lawn chair and stay awhile. On this anniversary of his death, our hearts will once again bleed for the loss of Central Texas’ Knight in White Satin. But once again, we will also find solace in knowing he is in heaven, playing with some of his idols, like BB King and Bill Withers.


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